Promotional Staff Agency

Promotional Staff Agency

We are a promotional staff agency who specialise in growing sales & awareness for your business. We add people power to your campaign to acquire new donors and generate leads to increase your sales. We bring our depth of experience to grow your campaign.
With a highly trained, motivated and energetic team, getting your core message into the market is our promotional staff agency primary goal. We specialise in recruiting donors and growing awareness for your campaign.

We are your people-powered solution, specialising in face-to-face marketing strategies. Anywhere and anytime, you can rely on Focus International to deliver the best team, best practice and quality long-term donors. We get quality results for our clients. Through the right mix of a proven method, the best people and outstanding training, our promotional staff agency has partnered with some of the biggest not-for-profits in Australia and gained substantial returns for their causes.

Want the Best Promotional Staff Agency in Adelaide?

Our people are second-to-none and our process is guaranteed to deliver quality results. We are your trustworthy and reliable promotional staff agency in all your not-for-profit endeavors. We provide a team of amazing staff that are driven by quality performance, which means your success is our success. We have a proven process that works, our team are well trained and are driven to delivering great customer service. We are fast-paced, energetic and driven to push our limits in achieving quality results every time. If you need the right people to drive your campaign or boost your fundraising efforts, you will find them with us.

Our promotional staff agency inspires the best results for your campaign, as we possess the #1 track record for hitting KPI’s and getting the best outcome for our clients. We have a variety of services to showcase that anywhere and anytime, you can rely on us to provide the best promotional staff agency on the ground.

Why are we the best Promotional Staff Agency in Adelaide?

Focus International is committed to providing the best quality people to provide the best quality service. our promotional staff agency is accredited to collect funds on behalf of not-for-profit organisations. Our teams are experienced with working in different environments including shopping centre’s, music & art festivals, trade shows & expos, and community events, always achieve fantastic results. We are a fast-paced, energetic and driven promotional staff agency, who push our limits in getting the best quality results every time.

If you need the right people to drive your campaign or boost your fundraising efforts, you will find them with Focus International. Focus International has a proven method that works. Our mission is to take the stress out of choosing the right people for your campaign. Whether it’s a one-off event or an ongoing strategy, you can rest easy knowing that our promotional staff agency team is working hard for you.

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