Focus International Marketing

Focus International Marketing

Focus International Marketing is focused on providing its clients with the best team of people who will provide the best quality service for their business. Our team and staff are highly training in Marketing and Sales to help get the best results for your business or campaign. Focus International is the best choice for any not-for-profit organisation, as we have a mission in helping them reach their KPI’s and Goals. With years in our field, we have built a reputation and know what’s best suited for your campaign.

Today we have become a leader in face-to-face fundraising for over 15 years and continue to provide the results our client’s desires. Focus International Marketing adds people power to your campaign to acquire new donors and generate leads to increase your sales. We bring our depth of experience to grow your campaign. Here at Focus International we plan to take stress off your hands for picking the right people for your set campaign, you’ve clicked on the right providers for you.

Why choose our unique process at Focus International Marketing

Focus International Marketing are your people-powered solution, specialising in face-to-face marketing strategies. Anywhere and anytime, you can rely on Focus International Marketing to deliver you the best team, best practice and results that you need. We provide a range of services to our clients that are here to help your campaign be a success and reach new heights. This includes sales and promotions, door-to-door, community events and business-to-business fundraising, quality donor recruitment, kiosk and shopping centre’s, expo’s and trade shows.

Our team has been trained to gather the best results for your campaign and marketing strategy. We have highly trained staff members who are here to carter for your goals and ambitions for your campaign. We are results and Performance driven in everything we do, and we demand nothing less than quality results for our clients.

Why pick Focus International Marketing

Here at Focus International Marketing we are dedicated in our high-performance culture where we reward hard work to out clients and team. We provide a team of marketing and sales professionals who are constantly striving to improve your business results. Focus International Marketing has the best track record in hitting targets for our clients and achieving the KPI’s for any campaign.

We have a proven method that has helped our clients and will help you get the results that you need. We have become the leader in face-to-face fundraising for over 15 years and continue to build our reputation as Adelaide’s best. Everything we say is evidence based, as we have the track record and testimonials to show you we are the perfect fit for your next campaign.

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